Contact Lens Exams

A contact lens assessment is an essential first step if considering contact lenses. This specialized check-up helps your doctor find the ideal lenses for your eyes and lifestyle, ensuring you have the best possible experience.

Contact Lenses as Medical Devices

It’s worth noting that contact lenses are medical devices requiring an eye doctor’s prescription. Unlike glasses, which sit in front of your eyes, contact lenses sit directly on your eyes and, therefore, require additional measurements and tests to ensure a proper fit and vision correction. 


What to Expect During a Contact Lens Assessment

During a contact lens assessment, you’ll have a chance to discuss your lifestyle, vision needs, and health history with your doctor. Our doctor will examine your eyes for signs of infection, dryness, or allergies and measure your eye curvature, size, and pupil diameter before determining which lenses and prescriptions are best for you. 

One of our experts will teach you how to insert and remove the contact lenses. Ensure your nails are short so you don’t scratch yourself. We will guide you on properly caring for your contact lenses to prevent infection and irritation and maintain the health of your cornea.

Advantages of Wearing Contact Lenses

  • Providing a more natural and wider field of view.
  • Eliminating glare, fogging, and distortion that can occur with glasses. 
  • Enhancing your appearance and self-confidence. 

Additionally, they offer more freedom to participate in sports and other activities.

Importance of Regular Eye Exams

Regular eye exams are essential for contact lens wearers, as the cornea has no direct blood supply and relies on oxygen from the air. Contacts are classified as medical devices and require good medical follow-up on a regular basis.

To start wearing contact lenses, contact our office and book an appointment for an evaluation. Our team of experts will help you achieve clear, comfortable vision with the perfect lenses for you.