Retinal Imaging

At Clairhurst Eye Care we use advanced retinal imaging technology to obtain a comprehensive view of the retina, which allows for the detection and diagnosis of a wide range of retinal conditions and pathologies, including peripheral issues that may be missed with limited field-of-view imaging. This broader coverage of the retina allows for the identification of early signs of retinal diseases, which is crucial for timely intervention and treatment.

Cellview Imaging’s WRI-1 Ultra-Widefield Retinal Imager

A high-quality ultra-widefield fundus imaging. WRI-1 allows advanced imaging tools to examine the retina and far into the periphery. The WRI-1 Ultra-Widefield Retinal Imager allows for a comprehensive view of the retina, producing a 200° image via a two-image auto-stitch.

OCT Scan

OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) is a highly advanced device that captures digital images of the individual layers of the retina with an accuracy of microns. This allows for detailed microscopic examination of the tissue structures in your eyes to evaluate your ocular health and detect various eye diseases at their earliest stages, such as glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration (AMD), and diabetic retinopathy that can threaten your vision. The OCT is a noninvasive, quick, and painless test that can help our doctor with detecting and monitoring eye diseases before symptoms become apparent in a conventional eye examination.

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