Contact Lenses

What are Contact Lenses?

Contact lenses are thin, curved lenses that are placed on the surface of the eye to correct vision problems. Contact lenses are considered a medical device and require a prescription from an eye doctor. A contact lens fitting is a process of finding the best type and size of contact lens for each individual eye. A contact lens fitting involves measuring the shape and curvature of the eye, testing the vision with different lenses, and evaluating the comfort and health of the eye with the lenses.


One of the advantages of contacts over glasses is that they provide a more natural and wider field of view. Contacts also eliminate glare, fogging, and distortion that can occur with glasses. Contacts can also enhance one’s appearance and self-confidence, as well as allow for more freedom in sports and other activities.

Types of Contact Lenses Available

Our office carries a large selection of contact lenses from many manufacturers. We prescribe and carry both soft and gas permeable lenses for a variety of lifestyles and wearing schedules. Lenses are available for daily, bi-weekly, monthly, and yearly replacement. Solutions, eye drops, cases, and other contact lens accessories are also available at our office.

  • Bifocal Contact Lenses (soft & gas permeable)
  • Silicone Hydrogels & Extended Wear Contacts
  • Soft Toric lenses
  • Coloured contacts
  • One Day Disposables
  • Frequent replacements
  • Gas permeable

Our office provides courier delivery to your office or home at nominal or no cost. Pick up in the office is also available if preferred, and rebates are immediately added to your order.